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Other Wildlife


Reports and photographs of other wildlife in the Great Yarmouth area.

[Bedstraw Hawkmoth] - Cantley 6 August 2006
[Migrant Hawker] - California 16 September 2006
[Scarce Bordered Straw] - Cantley 24 September 2006
[Clouded Yellow] - Caister 29 October 2006

Bedstraw Hawkmoth @ Cantley
Bedstraw Hawkmoth at Cantley on 6 August 2006 Photographed by Ian Mills

Migrant Hawker @ California
Migrant Hawker at California on 16 September 2006 Photographed by Andrew Grieve

Scarce Bordered Straw @ Cantley
Scarce Bordered Straw at Cantley on 24 September 2006 Photographed by Steve Smith

Clouded Yellow @ Caister
Clouded Yellow at Caister on 29 October 2006 Photographed by Steve Smith

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